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After four weeks of participating in the program, Captain Junior Caron from 34 Canadian Brigade Group was already feeling positive effects.

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Last spring, Master Corporal Marie-Christine Carpentier from 5 Military Police Regiment and Captain Junior Caron from 34 Canadian Brigade Group took part in the Blast off the Pounds program, offered by the Health Promotion team. Both say they got and continue to get major benefits out of the program in their day-to-day lives.

MCpl Carpentier admitted she had been thinking about taking part in a program like this for quite some time. “This time round, because of my new schedule, I was able to sign up.” The dozen or so workshops helped her stick to a healthier lifestyle. “For example, I added physical activity back to my routine. In the program, you have to work out at least three days a week. The Health Promotion specialists also taught us how to read the labels on the food we eat, so that we can make the best choices.”

Now that the workshops are over, she continues to apply the things she learnt in the program. She has lost 12.2 kg (27 lbs) and feels in much better shape. “I finally managed to break the vicious cycle and stop indulging in emotional eating. This year, I even successfully completed a half-marathon,” she proudly added.

Meanwhile, Captain Caron signed up for the Blast off the Pounds program to get back into the shape he was in before he hurt his lower back during a hockey game. “I tried tons of things, but nothing ever worked for me. Then my chain of command agreed to let me take part in the program, which helped me get back in good physical shape while protecting my back.” In terms of weight, he said he was never really overweight.

Four weeks after starting the workshops and training program, Capt Caron started feeling positive results. “I started feeling less and less pain until it ended up going away completely. I couldn’t believe it!” He is keeping up with the workouts and is particularly big on weight-training exercises.

The two former Blast off the Pounds participants in no way regret having the courage to sign up for the series of workshops. Their decision let them get back in shape and feel better in their skin. “I obviously don’t hesitate recommending it to any of my colleagues. It’s good for everyone,” concluded Captain Junior Caron.


And if you were in his shoes?

This January at the Saint-Jean and Montreal garrisons, Health Promotion is holding Blast off the Pounds. This 12-week program could be your opportunity to get active again and lose the extra weight.

The Blast off the Pounds program offers military members workshops on nutrition and training on workout principles and injury prevention. It also includes a visit to a grocery store and pre- and post-program evaluations. The participants commit to working out three times a week and attending the classroom workshops.

The program will be held from January 10 to March 30, 2018. The candidates will be selected following interviews and must have the support of their supervisor. For a copy of the application form, contact the Health Promotion office at 450-358-7099 ext. 7207 or at


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