2 CRPG Junior Canadian Ranger Provincial Gathering in Farnham

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Capt Julie L. Pagé - Public Affairs Officer, 2 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

Close to 90 youth from 35 Junior Canadian Ranger (JCR) patrols and 25 Canadian Rangers (CR) from 2 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (2 CRPG) participated in the JCR Provincial Gathering at Farnham, from January 12 to 14, 2018.

This gathering involved two activities: the Sports Games and the Provincial Marksmanship Championship, during which the sharpshooter team was chosen for the JCR National Marksmanship Championship in May.

For many of the youth, this was the first time they travelled “south” to the southern part of our great province. Others have participated in the summer camp in Valcartier but never have travelled “south” in the winter. What an experience!

The weather did not cooperate, but there was always a plan B, C, D, E and F! The Juniors arrived on Thursday, which was sunny and mild. Friday, it was pouring rain. Friday evening, the cold weather settled in, everything became icy and the freezing rain started. Saturday, there was a big snowstorm with fog; Sunday was cloudy; and Monday was sunny.

It was impressive to see how resilient 2 CRPG team and instructors were and how they adapted their plans to the challenges they were facing. Nothing could stop them. The JCR were going to have fun and solutions were proposed.

Fifty-eight JCRs participated in the Marksmanship Championship. They used the Daisy air rifle. Obviously, the same safety rules apply as on a military range: always point the weapon forward, respect flags, wear safety glasses and follow orders and instructions to the letter. Safety is a priority.

Once the weapons had been calibrated, the participants took part in over 15 matches where they needed to compete based on the criteria of time, accuracy and efficiency. At the end of the championship, the winner was identified, as well as the team of 15 shooters who will represent 2 CRPG at the JCR National Marksmanship Championship to be held from May 4 to 6, 2018, in Ontario.

This gathering is a great opportunity to meet JCRs from other communities, but it is also nice to meet up with friends. That was the case for JCRs Brooke-Lyne Anderson from Chevery and Brooklynn Robertson from La Tabatière. “I am really happy to see my friend again. I met her at the Provincial Championship last year. We talk on Facebook, but it’s nice to spend time together here,” said the two friends, almost in unison.

A number of shooting competitions around the world have the tradition of carrying the winner off the range on the shoulders of their competitors, in an ornate sedan chair. They also follow this tradition at the Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration, where the Canadian Rangers winner is carried off in a similar chair.

2 CRPG decided to incorporate this tradition at the JCR Provincial Marksmanship Championship. “The Junior Ranger who obtains the best results will be carried by Rangers on this chair, crafted by 2 CRPG personnel,” explained the new Ranger Jonathan Thibault, winner of the Provincial Championship two years ago.

In the meantime, the 20 or so Juniors participating in the Sports Games discovered the joys of changing winter weather conditions in the “south”! But everyone had fun and took full advantage of the rock climbing and laser tag activities, as well as the Mont-Hatley Boot Camp obstacle courses.

The end of this Provincial Gathering was marked by a closing ceremony chaired by 2 CRPG Deputy Commanding Officer, Major Nicolas Hilaréguy, and the Chief Instructor, Master Warrant Officer Mathieu Giard. Various awards were presented and the shooting team was announced.

The Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) is awarded to Canadian Armed Forces members to mark 12 years of service. A clasp is awarded for every subsequent period of 10 years of qualifying service. Ranger Zacharias (Johnny) Annatok with the Quaqtaq Patrol received his third clasp, and Ranger Master Corporal Peter Waye with the Harrington Harbour Patrol received his CD.

For the Sports Games, the “team spirit and sportsmanship” award was presented to JCR Yanick Petitpas from the Magdalen Islands and the “most improved while having fun” award was presented to JCR Éric Annahatak from Aupaluk.

The winner of the Marksmanship Championship was JCR Natasha Theresa Bolger with the Blanc-Sablon Patrol. Second place went to JCR Kayla Spencer-Young with the Chisasibi Patrol and third place went to JCR Tanner Gilpin with the Wemindji Patrol.

Here are the names of the other members of the 2018 2 CRPG JCR shooting team:

-        JCR Pénélope Mestokosho - La Romaine

-        JCR Jenna Dumarresque - Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon

-        JCR Abigail Brianna Smith – Bonne-Espérance

-        JCR Gabrielle Renaud - Havre-Saint-Pierre

-        JCR Louisa Kanarjuak - Ivujivik

-        JCR Audrey Mercier - Tête-à-la-Baleine

-        JCR Lisi Tarkirk - Ivujivik

-        JCR Félix Giasson Cadieux - Havre-Saint-Pierre

-        JCR Uapistan-Ishkues Mani Lalo - La Romaine

-        JCR Manon Chamberland - Kangirsuk

-        JCR Kitona Mestokossho-Rich - Mingan

-        JCR Cole Thomas - Bonne-Espérance

Congratulations to all the participants in this Provincial Gathering and good luck to the 2 CRPG shooting team.



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