Overview of the Military Second Language Training Program at the Canadian Forces Language School Saint-Jean Detachment

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Lieutenant (Navy) Yvona Borovichkova - Chief of the Canadian Division, CFLS Saint-Jean Det

The Canadian Forces Language School Saint-Jean Detachment (CFLS Saint-Jean Det), located in the Saint-Jean Garrison, offers a variety of second language courses that provide career enhancement for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. Presently, the detachment is under the command of Major Julie De Busschère, an Army Logistics Officer, with two primary entities: the Canadian Division and the Foreign Division.

While the Foreign Division offers language instruction to international military personnel who participate in the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP), the aim of the Canadian Division is to provide second language training to Regular Force CAF members as a function of the bilingualism requirement of their current or future positions.

The Canadian Division is divided into three sections: French, English, and Distance Tutoring. These sections offer programs such as year-long continuous courses, courses by single progress levels, and distance tutoring courses.

In-House Continuous Courses

Each continuous course offers selected candidates the opportunity to attain a minimum linguistic profile of BBB. This course typically takes 10 months to complete on a full-time basis, with 6 hours of daily classroom instruction. The selection of candidates is done through career managers, and candidates are posted to the CFLS Saint-Jean Det for the duration of the course.

In-House Courses by Progress Levels

These courses are offered twice per year in the spring and fall in French and English for CFLRS instructors and military staff members, and during the summer months (May-July) for the Officer/Naval Cadets from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC), Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean), and from civilian Canadian universities under the SOLET program.

Distance Tutoring

In addition to the classroom setting, the CFLS Saint-Jean Det also offers one-on-one distance tutoring (by single progress level) courses, both in French and English. Due to the immense popularity of these courses, there is a waiting list for the candidates to be accepted into this program. Under the stewardship of Major De Busschère, as an alternative to the one-on-one distance tutoring, the CFLS Saint-Jean Det initiated a pilot project that offers a virtual classroom setting for 3-6 full-time students. At present, these courses are offered in French only.

Commendably, each teaching staff at the CFLS Saint-Jean Det possesses, on average, 15 to 25 years of teaching experience. Many of them are recipients of awards for teaching excellence including recognition by the former Deputy Minister of National Defence.

“My experience at the CFLS has been very fruitful because of the quality of instruction in acquiring a second language, and because of living in an immersive Francophone environment that is conducive to sharing a common language experience between all students,” explains Second Lieutenant Alexandra Hejduk, an untrained Public Affairs Officer, currently undertaking second language training at CFLS Saint-Jean Det. “I feel very fortunate to be learning French in Saint-Jean.”

If you are interested in taking any courses at the CFLS Saint-Jean Det, or require more information, please contact your unit’s Official Languages Coordinator.


Military Second Language Training Program (MSLTP)

There courses are presently offered at the CFLS Saint-Jean Det.


In-House Courses - Continuous Courses

  - Continuous French / English Course Level B (BBB)

In-House Courses - Courses by Progress Levels

 - Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) Instructors French / English Course

 - Summer Second Official Language Education and Training (SOLET) Courses (French and English)

Distance Tutoring

 - Courses by Progress Levels (part time, in French and English)

       * Virtual Class (full time, presently in French only)




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