Preparing for Your Posting with the MFRC

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 Rachelle Guitard -  Family Separation and Reunion Co-ordinator, Military Family Resources Centre

Postings are a particular moment in a military career and in family life, and form an integral part of the reality of military life.

From excitement to apprehension, each posting message can be received differently, but each one represents an opportunity to take stock of the previous period and to anticipate upcoming challenges. While the change is sometimes welcome, it can also come abruptly and require us to start making adjustments, even when we feel like we haven’t had time to catch our breath. However, it remains a catalyst for new plans. What is your approach to a posting and the planning it involves?

 A new workshop designed just for you

The MFRC’s Family Separation and Reunion service is planning new projects and would like to support you even more in yours. That’s why we are running a workshop on preparing for a posting. It is aimed not only at families who are just integrating into military life, but also at those who have been through several postings and are preparing for another one.

The workshop is free for military members and their family members age 18 and older and will be given in French on May 1 and 2 and in English on May 8 and 9 at the Saint-Jean Garrison and the Saint-Hubert MFRC.


Information, tools and sharing

The goal of the workshop is to provide general information on postings in Canada and to present techniques and available resources that are likely to help families handle this experience better. The participants will also be provided with tools, such as guides on organizing and planning for a posting.

However, beyond support for dealing with tangible things, the goal of the workshop is also to provide support for managing emotions. The participants will therefore cover topics such as the impact of postings on families, adapting to change and transitions, managing stress and providing support to children.

Lastly, the workshop is designed to give families a space where they can share their concerns and expertise and talk about their common experiences. 

 Kids are also affected

A workshop on preparing for a posting will also be given in Saint-Hubert for the Loft members on April 19. It will consist of a group discussion held during the youth centre’s regular activities. The kids will thus be free to join the discussion and talk to a social worker about the challenges of a posting, ways of dealing with them and the potentially unknown benefits it can bring.



 A workshop just for you

For adults, this free workshop on postings will be held four times, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.:

-          In French, on May 1 at the Saint-Jean Garrison and on May 2 at the Saint-Hubert MFRC

-          In English, on May 8 at the Saint-Jean Garrison and on May 2 at the Saint-Hubert MFRC

Free daycare will be available. Remember to register before April 27 by writing to

For kids, the workshop will be given on April 19 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., at the Loft, located at 40 De La Verendrye Street, in Saint-Hubert.

Information: 450-462-8777 # 6858 (Saint-Hubert) 450-358-7099 # 2520 (Saint-Jean)



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