Fun is a bilingual word

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The group in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle.

François Ringuet and Andrée Delisle-Boucher - Students in the Continuous English Course, CFLS Det Saint-Jean

This year on February, 12th we had a wonderful and unique Cohesion Day in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. We had the bus driver take us there on a comfortable bus. The aim of this activity was to strengthen our friendships and our bonds with each other in this beautiful natural setting. By hanging around with the staff, the members of the chain of command and all the other students, we were able to enjoy the present moment – despite our language differences.

There was a nice variety of activities such as skating, tubing, skiing and snowshoeing. Even though we were separated into different groups to do the various activities, we were brought back together to eat a delightful lunch.

Some students had the opportunity to skate for the very first time and were coached by trained skaters. Even though those students had just learned how to skate, a race was held to showcase their new skills. However, of all the activities, tubing was the most fun:  it gave us the chance to be children again.  We screamed and had frozen cheeks.

Furthermore, some students showed great leadership in setting up a flag game in the afternoon.  This activity was appreciated by all the contestants. After many months of learning a second language at the Canadian Forces Language School Saint-Jean Detachment (CFLS Det Saint-Jean), all of us needed a change of scene. We were all cheered up!

To sum up, we can now say that “Fun” is a bilingual word.








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