It’s important to eat healthy snacks

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Marie-France Brunelle - Health Promotion Specialist

Why should you eat snacks? The study findings are clear: eating snacks helps manage weight and prevent drops in energy, especially in the middle of the afternoon.


Those who eat between meals tend to consume less food over the course of each day. Snacks give you more control over your blood sugar levels, but above all they help you avoid being famished at meals and consuming twice as much as you would normally eat. Do you work out during the day? Snacks are essential to having enough energy to finish your workouts. Do you have a stressful meeting this afternoon? Have a healthy snack to maximize your concentration level.

To be worth it, a snack must be capable of satisfying you without completely curbing your appetite for the next meal.

A good snack…

1 – contains protein, a source of long-term energy. 

2 – contains carbohydrates, a source of quick energy.

3 – contains fiber, which makes you feel full.

4 – is low in added fat, sugar and salt.

5 – contains approximately 200 calories.

 A few ideas for snacks around 200 calories

-          1 ½ spoons of almond butter + 1 small sliced apple

-          1 portion of low-fat cheese + 1 cup of fresh blueberries

-          1 whole-wheat English muffin filled with a slice of tomato + 1 egg

-          2 Ryvita crackers + 1 soup spoon of peanut butter + ½ banana

-          1 packet of instant oatmeal (apple and cinnamon, 130 cal.) cooked with ½ cup of 1% milk

-          ¼ cup of hummus + 10 baby carrots + 1 full red pepper cut into slices

-          1 square of dark chocolate 85% melted (to use as a fondue) + 12–15 fresh strawberries + 10 almonds

-          4 cups of air-popped popcorn + 2 soup spoons of grated parmesan cheese

-          ¾ cup of fat-free Greek yoghurt + 1/2 oz of sliced almonds + 1 teaspoon of honey[EH1] 


Two Mondays during Nutrition Month, March 19 and 26, the Health Promotion team will have some new snacks for you to try.


Drop by the Health Promotion offices between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. for a free tasting of a snack and to meet the team members. The first few people to arrive will receive an extra surprise (there’s a limited supply)!

Montreal Garrison: Sports Centre (Building 199)

Saint-Jean Garrison: Room M-201 (Sports Centre reception)





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