Storytelling and Crafts with the Officer Cadets

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Noémi Trépanier - Childhood Services Co-ordinator

On March 22, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean (RMC Saint-Jean) and the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) held a joint storytelling activity for the little ones at the Jean the Millipede daycare centre, at the Saint-Jean Garrison MFRC.

It was Officer Cadet Bordeleau who had the idea to read to the children. After submitting the project idea to his chain of command, he personally recruited other officer cadets who were interested. Together, they held a puppet-craft activity in connection with a story, much to the delight of the children there. Organized with the support of French-as-a-second-language teacher Isabelle Lépine, this first was a great success and will hopefully be recreated.

«It went very well and it was a great experience. The children were really interested, and even those who were more shy at the beginning were happy to participate at the end. It is certain that we will do it again », entrusted, indeed, the officer cadets.

Reading time turned into a present

Reading is beneficial to the development of your children, and establishing a daily routine with them is recommended. You can benefit from every opportunity to give your children reading time.

Early-learning reading is currently a major project at the MFRC. Therefore, in the last year, our activities have been adapted to integrate reading time for the children. We have also made an investment in the parent-and-tot periods, which now include a weekly storytelling time, a very successful activity with the parents and children alike. Specifically, one hour is set aside for reading every Monday morning in Saint-Hubert and every Tuesday morning in Saint-Jean, between 9:30 in 11:30 a.m. This led activity is aimed at children 5 years old and under accompanied by their parents.

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