Daddy and Me: A Big Fiesta

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The big fiesta will bring together dads and their kids to wrap up the year in style!

Alexandre Gagné
Coordonnateur Événements

Mini-golf, a snow cones machine, agility and motor-skill games, face-painting, and more. The MFRC will wrap up its 2017–18 program of <I>Daddy and Me<I> activities with a bang at a fiesta on Thursday, June 14, at 5:00 p.m.

The <I>Daddy and Me<I> program is an initiative that was set up last year to highlight the relationship between fathers and their children. This year, it has expanded greatly. During seven activity days, dads and their kids took part in crazy bowling, expended energy playing laser tag, discovered the secrets of trains at the Canadian railway museum Exporail and had an introduction to the circus. Over 40 families took advantage of those special moments.
If you have not yet registered for our fiesta, you can still join us by writing to and specifying the number of people coming with you and their names and ages.






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