Protéines, delight in book form!

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Valérie Gauthier, Health Promotion Specialist

Summer is finally here! And with it comes good food shared among friends and the joy of cooking. The timing is great, because I wanted to tell you about one of my favourite books that is full of perfect recipes for summer.

Nutritionist Julie DesGroseilliers’s most recent book, Protéines : stratégies alimentaires et recettes pour bien les consommer tout au long de la journée (proteins: food strategies and recipes for enjoying proteins throughout the day), is a feast for the eyes with its inspiring images that are sure to make your mouth water. But it is much more than just a cookbook. I love how the author explains the importance of spreading out our protein intake throughout the day. She also shares a lot of useful information on plant proteins. Her book is filled with recipes that will inspire you to switch up your regular meals.

The book covers a range of topics, from providing an overview of proteins in general and some information on lesser-known types of proteins to tips on how to beef up your breakfast, snack recipes (including for those who lead an active lifestyle), the art of planning meals according to your protein requirements and fun dessert recipes to have fun trying out.

Protéines is just as full of nutritional advice as it is of mouth-watering recipes, and I dare you to try to put only one Post-It in this book! I couldn’t, because I immediately wanted to try all the recipes.
If you are looking to add to your cookbook collection, this is an excellent choice, and you can even borrow it from the Health Promotion offices at the Saint-Jean and Montreal garrisons.

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