Blast Off the Pounds (BOP): Submit your application !

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Health Promotion

For the eighth consecutive year, the Health Promotion team will offer the Blast Off the Pounds (BOP) program to militaries in collaboration with the Physical Conditioning team. It starts January 2019! Will you be among the participants?

BOP is for people who want to lose weight and become active again. This program proposes a change in lifestyle habits over a period of 12 weeks.

On the menu:

- Pre-program evaluation
- Workshops on healthy eating habits, using the eight modules of Weight Wellness from the Strengthening the Forces program
- Principles of physical conditioning and injury prevention
- Visit to a grocery store
- Post-program evaluation

Since the beginning of BOP, Health Promotion has achieved surprising results with participants. During the 2018 edition at the Saint-Jean Garrison, the average weight loss over the 12 weeks program was 17.3 lbs (between 6.5 lbs and 35.5 lbs). At the Montreal Garrison, it was 8.8 lbs (between 5 lbs and 21 lbs). Not only do the participants lose weight, but they also greatly increase their physical fitness and more importantly make lasting changes to their lifestyle. The testimonials also reveal an impressive improvement in their medical health, a reduction in the amount of medication taken and even changes in medical category. With such a program, Health Promotion can confirm that it changes lives!

For Whom?

BOP is for militaries who are committed to train three times a week and to participate in classroom workshops every week (theory). The candidates will be selected following interviews and must have the support of their supervisors.

Ready to change? The program will be held at the Saint-Jean and Montreal garrisons from January 9 to March 29, 2019.

The nomination period begins October 22, 2018. For a copy of the application form, contact the Health Promotion office at 450-358-7099, ext. 7207, or at

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