What is the Veteran Family Program?

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Myriam Dutour, S.W., Veteran Family Program Coordinator

Offered in all Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs). It is intended for military members released for medical reasons after April 1, 2018, or who have received their notification of a medical release, and their families.

The program does not close the door to military members transitioning to civilian life and veterans who have not been released for medical reasons. It, in fact, facilitates the transition from military to civilian life and provides access to the MFRC’s services without this eligibility ending on a fixed date.

Facilitate the transition to civilian life.

The role of the Veteran Family Program Coordinator is to accompany veterans when they are released, evaluate their situation and needs, listen, give advice and support members and their families. She will accompany and refer veterans to appropriate resources according to their needs. The goal of this program is to help veterans by facilitating their transition to civilian life and making it as easy as possible for them to adapt to their new lives.

Workshops and courses offered

To accompany them in their transition, we also offer veterans workshops and courses, whose themes are directly related to the transition to civilian life, in order to facilitate their transition.
The Mental Health First Aid course given by the Mental Health Commission of Canada trains veterans and their families or friends so they can intervene with someone who is in crisis or showing the first signs of a mental health disorder.

A workshop on finance is also given in conjunction with SISIP. It focuses on different aspects of financial planning and also aims to facilitate the transition to civilian life.

Courses on life skills and strategies, as well as mood management, are also offered under Live Your Life to the Fullest, in conjunction with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s British Columbia Branch. Self-esteem, stress management and anxiety are also discussed in these courses.

The Montreal MFRC is pleased to offer workshops on the transition and adaptation to civilian life for members preparing for a medical release and their spouses as part of a countryside retreat. Talks and activities are on the agenda for the weekend.

Since the program is in constant development, we encourage you to see our monthly newsletter on the CAFconnection.ca site to stay informed of news and the services that are available.

Information :
Myriam Dutour
450 358-7099 # 2910



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